Norwegian Standard (NS)


The Norwegian Standard is probably the most stringent emissions standard in the world – and the Løvenholm is one of the few stoves in Britain to meet it.  

The issuing organisation, Standards Norway, works with bodies like ISO to draft new standards that challenge manufacturers to improve quality and safety.  Independent tests at a laboratory in Aarhus, Denmark.  We’re delighted to report that the Løvenholm passed with flying colours.

To meet the standard, we’ve spent years investing heavily in research and development.  Our quality control is second-to-none.  This means that every Løvenholm will perform as beautifully as the one we sent to Denmark.  It’s a simple idea.  Raise your expectations, and others will follow. 


In the UK, testing requirements are such that a stove can be tested for output before being altered to suit the emissions test.  This means that test figures for some stoves can be misleading.  But Cleanburn stoves are sent for both tests at once, guaranteeing that your stove will perform on both counts.

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Environmentally Better

Fresh air is a very precious commodity. Approved under the Clean Air Act, Cleanburn stoves feature technology to keep carbon emissions at a record-breaking low. And it’s not just the environment you’re saving.



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