Great performance doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with great credentials.  In these days of rising environmental standards, many stoves are failing on emissions tests.  Cleanburn doesn’t.  In every test our stoves outperform expectations, combining high outputs with fabulous emission figures.  If you want to reduce your carbon impact, Cleanburn is the clear choice.  

DEFRA Clean Air Act Approved

Løvenholm*, Nørreskoven Mk2, Sønderskoven Inset & Skegan

Approved for Smoke Control Areas

If you live in a designated Smoke Control Area, the Clean Air Act prevents you from emitting smoke from your chimney – with offenders facing a fine of up to £1000. This means you’re usually only able to burn authorised smokeless fuel.

However, our fires are not like ordinary stoves.They smoke so little that DEFRA has declared them both exempt from the Clean Air regulations.

This means you can use the above fires to burn wood logs, even if you live in a Smoke Control Area. The built-in technology ensures that emissions are consistently low. We’re delighted to have met the stringent demands of the Department for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.  And, especially if you’re in a Smoke Control Area, you’ll be equally delighted with the results.

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Environmentally Better

Fresh air is a very precious commodity. Approved under the Clean Air Act, Cleanburn stoves feature technology to keep carbon emissions at a record-breaking low. And it’s not just the environment you’re saving.



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